The Championship Formula: How to Transform Your Team into a Dynasty


List of Presentations

1. Presentations to MILITARY

1) Cyber Command – STRATCOM (United States Strategic Command). Offutt Air Force – Officer Command. “Leadership Development.”
2) Army Corps of Engineers. Keynote Address. Annual Convention and Ball. “Building Championship Teams.” Washington, DC.
3) Army Corps of Engineers. Commander of Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan Units. Presentation: “Character Traits of Leaders.”
4) Midwest Chapter of Army Corps of Engineers. Keynote Address.

2. Presentations to FINANCIALS & INSURANCE

5) Wells Fargo Bank. State Convention. Top Bank Managers. “Leadership in Uncertain Times.”
6) Carson Financial (Nebraska & Arizona). National Training Session for Leading Brokers. Phoenix, AZ. “Psychological Profile of Financial Leaders.”
7) First National Bank. 500 Top Managers from around the country. Keynote Address: “Building a Championship Team.”
8) Tagge-Rutherford Investment Group. Presentation to High-Net-Worth Individuals: “Behavioral Economics.”
9) Spectrum Financial. Annual Training Session (Presented 6 years in a row). Individual Development of Financial Consultants – National Representatives.
10) Lincoln Financial. Presentation to National field Representatives and Executive Management Team as well as Executive Coaching of Vice Presidents.
11) Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Nebraska. State Executive Team and Field Representatives. “Leadership Development.”
12) Mutual of Omaha. Presentation to National Field Representatives and Executive Management team. Executive coaching of Vice Presidents.
13) Omaha State Bank. Management Staff. “Leadership in the Financial Industry – Future Directions.”
14) World Insurance Agency. National Sales Meeting Keynote Address.
15) National Association of Health Care Providers. Keynote Address, Las Vegas.
16) New York Life Insurance. Selection and Training of Sales Teams.
17) Massachusetts Mutual Insurance Co. Executive Coaching and Team Building.
18) A.O.N. Risk Management. Chicago, IL. “Executive Leadership for the Future.”
19) Northwest Mutual Life Insurance. Executive Coaching & Team Building.
20) Heritage Bank. Grand Island, NE. “Local & State Leadership – Implications for the Future.”
21) State Farm Insurance. Lincoln, NE. Leadership Development & Statewide Development of Leaders in State.
22) TRMA (Telecommunications Risk Management Assn). Las Vegas, NV. “Championship Teams.”
23) Western Union Financial. Omaha, NE. “Behavioral Economics.”


24) City Council, Mayor, Congresssmen, US Senators and Governor’s Staffs. Presentations and Retreats.

4. Presentations to ACADEMIC GROUPS

25) University of Nebraska Medical Center, University of Nebraska – Omaha, University of Nebraska – Lincoln, Creighton University, Wesleyan College (NE), Bellevue University. Lecturer.

5. Presentations to SCHOOLS

26) Omaha Public Schools, Millard Public Schools, Westside Public Schools, Blair Public Schools, Omaha Catholic Schools. Presentations on Academic Leadership (10 per year).

6. Presentations to CHURCHES

27) Omaha Catholic, Nebraska Lutheran and Omaha Presbyterian Churches. Staff Training, Executive Coaching & Staff Retreats (10 per year).

7. Presentations to COMMUNITY GROUPS

28) Omaha Chamber of Commerce, Knights of Columbus, Rotary, Kiwanis, and others. (20 per year).

8. Presentations to NUCLEAR INDUSTRY

29) M.I.T, Boston, MA. Co-Teacher Executive Management Training Classes.
30) Nuclear Energy Institute. Presentations at Las Vegas and FL.
31) Nuclear Energy Engineers Association. Presentation in NYC.
32) Institute of Nuclear Power Operators. Presentation in Atlanta.
33) Nuclear Regulatory Commissioners. Presentation in Dallas.

9. Presentations to LEGAL GROUPS

34) U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division. Lead Witness in Federal Court Case in Pennsylvania.
35) Omaha Trial Lawyers Association.
36) Nebraska Judges Association.

10. Presentations to SPORTS GROUPS

37) Nebraska Coaches Association. 1,000 Coaches. Keynote. Lincoln, NE.
38) American Football Coaches Association. Keynote Address in 2008 in Anaheim and 2011 in Dallas (500 Coaches).
39) American Hockey Coaches Association. Keynote Address in Naples, FL. 2008 & 2009.

11. Presentations to COMPANIES

40) American Meter Company. Nebraska City, NE. “Winning in Difficult Times.”
41) Food Services of America. Omaha, NE. “How to Be Number One.”
42) Garden City, KS Chamber of Commerce. “Community Leadership Development.”
43) Good Samaritan Hospital. Kearney, NE. “Medical Leadership for Tomorrow.”
44) Home Instead. Omaha, NE. National Conference Presentation: “Being Number One in Your Industry.”
45) Northern Border Pipeline. Omaha, NE. “Building Championship Teams.”
46) MidAmerican Energy Holdings. Des Moines, IA. “Building Championship Teams in the Energy Industry.”
12. Presentation to Community
47) Optimal Performance: Mind and Body, Tuesday, February 8, 2011, Center for the Arts, Jackson WY